Surveys and Certifications
Surveys  and  Certifications


Our commitment to always provide a complete service to our customers, to  resolve  their  problems  providing  integral solutions  to their  needs without having to look for services in various different institutions has led us to obtain contracts with several recognized organizations acting on behalf of  several maritime  Administrations:

-          Panama  Maritime Authority ( PMA)

-          International Merchant Marine of  Belize ( IMMARBE)

-          St. Vincent and Grenadine

-          Sierra  Leone

-          Togo

During the joint work we have developed excellent relationships with the recognized organizations and  administartions which allow us to guarantee customers the best solutions to their needs, and the best services at most competitive prices in the market.

Through the Recognized  Organizations  and  Classification  societies we  can provide you certification services on  behalf  the flag administrations for vessels,  shipping  companies and  marine  training institution according to : ISM Code, SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line. COLREG, ITC 69, ISO 9000:2000, STCW...


Through the  Classification societies we are  committed to provide you  an essential link in the  overall safety chain of  the  Maritime  Industry enabling  you  to manage  your  ships  to its  full  potential while  minimizing  risk to  life,  property and  the  environment.

If  your  vessels are under  IACS  class we  can  continue the  same  cycle  of classification under 
other classification societies and recognized organizations authorized by the  flag administrations reducing  costs  of  inspections  and  certifications, always ensuring strict compliance with the national and international conventions  and  rules.

We count on  numerous authorized inspectors all  around the  world to  carry  out  statutory and class  surveys  for above  mentioned flag administrations  thereby facilitating to  our customers prompt organization of the inspections reducing involved  costs.


-International Load Line Certificate (1966)

-Cargo Ship  Safety Certificate

-Cargo Ship Safety Constrction Certificate

-Cargo  Ship Safety  Radio Certificate

-Cargo  Ship Safety  Radiotelphony Certificate

-Cargo Ship Equipment Certificate

-International Oil Prevention Pollution Certificate

-Passenger Ship Safety Certificate

-Certificate of Fitness for Cargo Gear

-Classification Certification (Hull, Machinery, Refrigeration, Boiler, Etc)

-Crew Accommodation Certificate

-Seaworthiness Certificate

-Cargo Securing Manual approval

-Certificate  of Approval for Crude Oil Washing( COW) Dedicated Ballast tanker(CBT)

 &Oil DischargeMonitoring and Control System(ODCM) ( for oil tanker)

-Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Certificate

-Cargo  Gear ( Derricks & Cranes)

-Certificate of Fitness to Carry Liquefied Gases in Bulk

-Certificate of Fitness to Carry Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk

-International Tonnage Certificate

-ISM Certification

-National Certificate for Vessels under 50 GRT

-Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate

-Condition Survey and Casualty Investigations

-Pre-purchase Inspection, Insurance Entry Surveys, Damage Surveys

-Certificates of  Compliance for Pleasure Vessels.

-Certificate of Compliances for  the prevention of  pollution of Garbage

-Certificate  of  Fitness for the Carriage of Liquified Gases in Bulk

-Certificate  of  Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemical in Bulk.

-Certificate  of  Fitness for the Carriage of Grain

-Certificate  of  Fitness for Offshore  Support Vessels.

-Certificate of Inspection of  Crew Accommodations

-Damage  Control Plan Approval

-Enchanced Survey programme  (ESP)

-Fire  Control  Plan  Approval

-Engine  International Air  ollution Prevention Certificate( IAPP)

-Annual  Safety  Inspection ( ASI)

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