PMA Ship registration
PMA Ship registration

As  a  core activity,   ship registration  receives prime  attention of  our   experienced team  of professionals, to  ensure  the ship owners  and managers  have  the most beneficial  flag  for their ships based on their necessity.

With our 24/ 7 availability and vast experience in the field our aim is to relieve the customer of tension about ship registration aspects and allows him to concentrate on other aspects of business.
We have several years of experience and dedicated employees that have worked for the maritime administrations in the past years, experienced in all matters that concern registration of the vessels.We have the knowledge on how to provide you cost effective services.

PMA  Certification, Inc is  a company  authorized  to  register  ships under panama  flag. We are specialized to guide you through the procedures of the registration of the vessel from the application  to  the obtainment  of the 
full  term  statutory  navigation  license and radio license , inscription of the  ownership  title, mortgage  registration as  well  as obtainment  of all  necessary  technical  flag documents such  us: ITC, MSMC, Official books, CSR, BCC, ISM Declaration approval, CICA, LRIT and other required documents.

As resident  agents and with special permission obtained  by Panama  Maritime  Authority to offer  and  render  services related  to  the  Panamanian  Merchant Marine , long  experience and  close  relations  with  the administration  and liasing with  local authorities many  other  benefits are included when applying  with our  company as  we are  link  to  all others related  departments  of the  Administration and we’ll  provide  you  all necessary  information, documents your  vessel and  company may  need allowing you  to have peace  of mind and ensuring  that  all  necessary transactions will be  done within the  requested time and  without  errors.
Acting directly through the  administration we are able to handle all technical and administrative aspects of the ship registration process and provide round the clock service to our clients.

Let us to be your link to obtain all the necessary documents and certificates required from the Panama Maritime Authority.

Our Services services include:
·         Provisional and Permanent Registration of all  type  of  ships

·         Payment /Collection of annual tax

·         Company Incorporation

·         Title Registration

·         Mortgage Registration/ discharge

·         Change of ownership/name of  ship

·         Bareboat Charter ( in/out)

·         Deletions

·         MSMC/CSR/ ITC  initial or renewal

·         Bunker  Certificates

·         Non-Encubrance/Civil Liabilty  certificates

·         Inmarsat Activation…

·         LRIT Activation

·         Fishing Licences

·         Flag exemptions and  authorizations

·         Issue of seafarers licenses

·         Class  and statutory  surveys  and  certifications

·         Technical  support

Altough our  principal or  home  registry is  Panama,  we  have  often  been  asked to provide  services    from  the  other flag  administrations and  in  order to provide greater  choice  to  our  customer  we  have  been in connection and  acting directly  through the flag  administrations related with registration of  the  ships and with  issue  of  the  class  and  statutory  certificates of  the  following  flags:

- Belize

- St. Vincent and Grenadine

- Malta

- Honduras

- Sierra Leone

If  you  require services  from  some  other  flag administration our  vast experience  and  worldwide contacts enable  us to provide  you requested services.