Issuance of Panama national licenses(COC)
Issuance of Panama national licenses(COC)

Please note that according to new government policy Panama do not cary out assessments and do not issue Panama COC anymore.
However, please note that we may proceed with Renewals and Upgrades of ranks of Panama COC for those officers who’s already possess Panama COC.

In order to proceed with renewal or issuance of upgraded Panama COC we need the following scan -copies of documents to be sent by email:

1.     Panama COC and ID (SB)

2.     Valid Passport copy- page showing your personal data.

3.      Continuous discharge book, or seaman’s book showing experience (periods served, capacity, tonnage/ Kw of the vessels).  Formal  letters of companies / employers proving  your  experience  may be  accepted.

4.      STCW Certificates 

5.      Medical Fitness Certificate - not older than two years.

6.      3cmx3cm scan –copy color pictures.

 First will be issued Temporary certificate valid for three months and than Full term Panama COC valid for 5 years.

For more info please contact us at: